"Industrial processes generate waste streams and contaminants, which accumulate at points that negatively impact the efficiency of production facilities."

RASTEC Chemical provides innovative specialty chemicals, technical services and support for a broad range of industrial applications.We are all times committed to the responsible care of our environment.

RASTEC Chemical integrates strict environmental health and safety protocols into its QHSE policy.

Industrial processes generate waste streams and contaminants, which accumulate at points that negatively impact the efficiency of production facilities. From time to time plants are required to halt production and remove contaminants that have accumulated in the system. This can be a costly undertaking, depending on the method of decontamination employed. Through close analysis of a plant’s waste stream, contaminants and production system, RASTEC Chemical will design a chemical cleaning process to decontaminate the system with a number of beneficial advantages.

Our Services

Cleaning In Place Technology facilitates service and maintenance of equipment between process runs, without dismantling the system and its component parts. RASTEC’s chemical treatment unit is designed to provide CIP services for a wide variety of applications to a very diverse range of industries. The unit’s high volume pumping system, coupled with a flow control manifold provides fast and seamless tie in to any vessel for chemical circulation. The ability for flow reversal without disconnecting from the system ensures that chemical circulation and distribution is at all times safely optimized.

RASTEC provides CIP services for wide variety of applications:

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Contact Towers
  • Process & Storage Vessels
  • Separators
  • Pipeline Loops
  • Hydro-Cyclones
  • Pre-commission Cleaning

RASTEC’s CIP units are engineered to be compliant with Class1, Zone1 hazardous location classification, for operating and providing services to gas plants, refineries, petrochemical plants and offshore platforms.

To ensure that cleaning in place service is always effective and efficient, RASTEC provides to it clients a range of technical support.

The efficiency of air-cooled heat exchangers (AHCE) depends on the amount of airflow through the cooler bank per unit area and the thermal radiation index of the metal fins.

  • Airborne dust, fuzz, mineral deposits (from hard water is sometimes used as a supplementary cooling aid), insects, leaves etc. can result in external fouling of cooler banks, which subsequently reduces airflow and the thermal radiation index of the fins.
  • External fouling acts as insulator, reducing heat transfer, which significantly degrades the efficiency of an ACHE.

Foam cleaning of AHCE presents tremendous advantages over other types of cleaning processes, including high pressure cleaning, air blowing, CO2 and soda blasting.

RASTEC’s specially designed chemical treatment unit provides external foam treatment for Air Cooled Heat Exchangers. This unit generates a foamed treatment solution of varying foam density, structure and degree of wetness. This kind of flexibility ensures that, the foam distribution and the treatment solution contact with the surface, is at all times maximized.

Automated clean out of process and storage tanks does not require manual labour inside the tank however the end result delivers a clean tank along with the cleaned out sludge which can then be processes separately. Our cleaning process integrates chemical solutions with a mechanical decontamination system to remove sludge from confined spaces, efficiently and economically.

The system comprises of root mounted 3D jets along with multi-directional manway cannons and sweepers, pumps, heat exchangers, hydro-cyclones, filters.

Customized chemistry that quickly solubilize heavy hydrocarbon deposits, remove LELs and acid gas. Unique solutions that allows for easy separation of hydrocarbons.

Advantages of Automated Tank Clean Out:

  • No man entry, non hazardous work environment
  • Minimal confine space entry
  • Shorter equipment downtime
  • Great than 90% hydrocarbon recovery
  • Minimization of disposable waste

Commercial & industrial processes produce waste streams and sludge, which in most cases contain a high percentage of water. Wastewater/Sludge treatment and disposal can be quite expensive. Generally the sludge has to be transported to a treatment and/or disposal facility. The Transportation, treatment and disposal costs can vary significantly, depending on the type of contaminants and distance to the treatment/disposal facility. In the case of contaminated water, millions of cubic meters are injected into disposal wells annually.

In the Gulf Region, RASTEC offers the Hydro-Logic waste management system. Hydro-Logic is a compact, mobile system, designed to remove all types and amounts of contaminants from wastewater streams and sludge.

The Hydro-Logic integrates new advances in both chemical and mechanical technologies, to effectively and economically recover freshwater from wastewater streams, while at the same time reducing disposable waste. The water can then be reused for process. Regardless of the wastewater’s complex contaminant matrix, operating the Hydro-Logic unit is simple and efficient. Every treatment program is fully supported onsite, allowing for online sampling and analysis. This ensures optimum results throughout the entire treatment process.

This fully integrated wastewater/sludge treatment unit is not industry specific. It is easily mobilized and provides companies with an alternative to manage their waste streams, with positive environmental impact and financial savings. Some of these industries include refineries, pulp mills, chemical & fertilizer plans, produced water from gas wells, meat packing plants, to name a few. The Hydro-Logic system is capable of liquid-liquid media separation (e.g. Oil & Water). The systems draws on mature mechanical technology and new advances in surface and polymer chemistry, integrating it all into a single unit.

We focus on complex filtration demands across the refineries, petrochemical and oil and gas sector by incorporating our advanced filtration and separation technologies directly to the problem, by doing so we directly reduce maintenance costs of machines / equipment downtime and minimize unscheduled shutdowns. Our filtration systems characteristics are proven to efficiently filter contaminants from a wide variety of process and product streams also, which can cause a multitude of costly operational and fluid quality problems.

RASTEC offers a wide range of filter elements with different Material of construction and removal ratings (Microns) to meet any demand in volume and cleanliness level in NAS and ISO standards.

High Flow Filtration System with fewer elements, smaller housing, high flow rates and bigger cost saving.

Some of the applications are:

  • Mechanically remove particulate contamination from Hydrocarbon feed stocks to catalytic reactor beds, from LPG, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel final products and many other contaminated products that can be found in process lines and storage tanks in a plant.
  • Filter particulate matter from amine, aromatic extraction solvents, dehydration solvents, sour water, make-up water, lubricants, etc.
  • In general any fluid can be filtered.

Our Unique Selling Point

RASTEC is the exclusive representative of Conceptual Technologies Inc for GCC region.

Concept Technologies Inc is a Canadian corporation, with its head office in Edmonton, Alberta. Concept Technologies specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of broad range of specialty chemicals and technical services for a diverse group of companies.

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